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A fence running along the DMZ, near Paju City, South Korea.

A South Korean watchtower. The land to the right of the fence is the DMZ, or no man's land. It is heavily mined and guarded on both sides of the border

The DMZ or the Demilitarized Zone is a 2km wide piece of land that runs that runs the entire length of the border between North and South Korea. This land is a heavily guared on both sides and is off limits to everybody. Foreground: South Korea. Background: North Korea.

South Korean soldiers stationed at the DMZ work on a tank in the border town of Paju, South Korea.

South Korean soldier stationed at the DMZ.

South Korean soldier stationed at the DMZ.

One of three civilian village farms inside the DMZ, South Korea.

An old steam locomotive which has about two thousand bullet holes in it, rests near the Freedom bridge at the DMZ. This cargo train was shot and bombed in 1950, while carrying military supplies from North Korea to South Korea. Imjingak, Paju City, South Korea.

South Koreans write messages on prayer ribbons to loved ones still in North Korea. The ribbons and other mementos are left on the closed off Freedom Bridge that goes over the Imjin River, that divides North and South Korea.

Two South Korean soldiers, in one of many watchtowers that run along the DMZ.

The Freedom bell at the DMZ in Paju City, South Korea. The bell was put up on Jan.1st, 2000 to mark the 21st century. It has 21 steps leading up to it, and is made with 21 tons of melted down weaponry from the Korean War. On Jan. 1st, 2000 it was struck 21 times, and will not be struck again until North and South Korea are unified once again.

A couple sells produce in Paju city near the DMZ, South Korea.

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